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At Cedar Wood Signs, we take care in providing our customers a high quality service personalized for their unique needs!

Custom CNC Machining: Here at Cedar Wood Signs we also do custom CNC machining of soft materials such as plywood, MDF and plastic.

  • Need a part that is too complicated to cut by hand?
  • Need alot of the same parts cut?
  • Need prototyping done?

We can help! Let us know what you need and we will provide a quote!

Custom Designs

If you have ideas of your own on any graphics for a sign. Please feel free to call or e-mail us. Let us help you design a sign that's right for you!

Product info

Our signs are made of Cedar (We can also make signs in hardwoods like Maple, Cherry, Oak as well). Signs are made to your custom needs and are carved into the wood, painted and than a double coat of uv protectant coating for added durability. We hand select our wood so that the amount and size of the knots are at a minimum. It's aproximately 1.25" thick for a long term stability and warpage from outside elements. We can also add a chain or rope on each sign for immediate hanging if requested.

Design Proof

Once we received payment, we will begin the design process. We will send or e-mail a design proof for your approval. When you approve the design, we will start carving the sign. Once cut, we paint, stain and finish the sign. We usually ship within about 10 days from start to finish, as it takes time for paints, stains and coatings to dry before we are ready to ship. We will send an e-mail once we ship your sign.

Here is an example of an artwork design proof and of the completed sign.

Standard Sizes

For your convenience in ordering for Cottages, Cabins, etc..., we offer four standard size options:

  • Basic (7" x 18")
  • Medium (7" x 22")
  • Large (11" x 23")
  • Extra Large (24" x 30")

Standards sizes are priced to include graphics that are from our image library. Custom artwork is also available.

Custom Sizes

We will design and build custom signs in any size to fit your space requirements. We offer professional artwork services in-house for any special project. We can incorporate your logo, work with images from our artwork library, or create original artwork to suit your theme.

2 ways to order!

  • 1) Fill out our order form for a free quote!
  • 2) Email your ideas to sales@cedarwoodsigns.com

Detailed information

Materials: All our crafted signs are made with carefully selected cedar. The carved areas are painted black (unless another colour is requested), and non-carved areas are natural wood grain. They are finished with a water-seal unless otherwise specified. The thickness of the wood is determined by us by the size of the sign. Other options such as double sided graphics or intended use will be factored.

Quotes: When you complete our online order form or send us your specifications via email. A quote will be sent to you. You must review the quote and approve the quoted price (with a deposit) before we will begin the design process. While not legally binding (until a deposit is received), this approval helps us to confirm your interest before we devote valuable design time to your project.

Proofing and Revisions: After your quote approval, we will begin the design process. We will provide the first proof for your review. You are allowed two free revisions to the layout of your custom wood sign. For additional revisions a design charges will apply.

Artwork: Both our standard and custom size signs are priced assuming the use of our image library of fonts and images. Our vast library of graphics fulfills the needs of most projects and artwork created by our own artist. Artwork from our library is provided at no charge. If there is an image you want that is not in our library, our art department can create an original artwork for your project. Any custom artwork fee will be estimated as a separate line item on your quote. Current artwork fees are charged at $25/hour.*

*Notes about custom artwork – If custom artwork is requested and created on your behalf, you are responsible for payment of the artwork fee whether or not your custom wood sign is completed. Unless proprietary to the company or individual, artwork created by our artist remains the property of the artist, with all rights reserved.

Fonts Styles: Most popular fonts we use are Cuckoo, Invitation, Signboard and Trading Post. We can use any windows font available. Our designer may choose a similar font if the one you choose is unavailable.

Your Company Logo: Your company logo can be incorporated by sending high resolution artwork to us. Most projects require preparation of your logo for the carving process. There is a small fee for clean-up and vector artwork conversion, which will be included as an artwork fee on your quote.

Production Schedule and Payment: We require two weeks to complete your sign after approval of the final artwork proof. You will then be notified when the finished sign is ready to ship with the actual cost of shipping and any applicable sales tax. Full payment due in the form of a money order or online payment (Paypal) should be sent at that time of the final artwork proof to the address provided.

Photo Gallery

Since our entire collection of pictures and artwork cannot be completely displayed on our website. Please feel free to contact us reguarding any special orders you may have? Letter size and placement may vary at our discretion. So please check out the Photo Gallery to get your creative idea juices flowing!


Other than damage from shipping or artist error. There should be no need for returns, Since all custom made signs have artwork proof approval prior to carving the actual piece. If you do have any concerns we will try to accommodate you.

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